Hati-hati, Kata Jamak ini Tidak Berakhiran -s/-es!

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Pada umumnya, kata jamak dalam bahasa Inggris merupaka kata tunggal yang diberi akhiran -s/-es. Namun ternyata ada beberapa kata yang menjadi pengecualian. Mereka memiliki versi sendiri untuk bentuk jamak.

1. Syllabi – bentuk jamak dari syllabus

Contoh: All professors must submit their syllabi for approval before the start of the term.

2. Curricula – bentuk jamak dari curriculum

Contoh: The curricula for grades 1 through 5 are available on the school website.

3. Crises – bentuk jamak dari crisis

Kata ini memang berakhiran -es, namun bukan terbentuk dari kata tunggal yang diberi akhiran -es

Contoh: The president has had to deal with several crises during his term.

4. Appendices – bentuk jamak dari appendix

Contoh: The book has appendices containing charts and graphs that support the author’s thesis.

5. Antennae – bentuk jamak dari antenna

Contoh: She thought the cockroach was dead until she saw its antennae moving.

6. Phenomena – bentuk jamak dari phenomenon

Contoh: Many unexplained phenomena are attributed to UFOs or aliens.

7. Millennia – bentuk jamak dari millennium

Contoh: Evolution is a slow process that takes place over centuries and millennia.

8. Synopses – bentuk jamak dari synopsis

Contoh: TV guide contains synopses for all of the new series debuting this fall.

9. Memoranda – bentuk jamak dari memorandum

Contoh: The CEO sent several memoranda to his employees.

10. Aircraft – bentuk jamak dari aircraft

Contoh: The army sent in over a hundred military aircraft at the start of the war.

11. Data – bentuk jamak dari datum.

Contoh: The data show that the drug effectively lowers cholesterol.

12. Criteria – bentuk jamak dari criterion.

Contoh: The most important criteria for college admissions committees are GPA, SAT score and involvement in extracurricular activities.

13. Media -bentuk jamak dari medium.

Contoh: The media are often accused of being biased.

14. Alumni – bentuk jamak dari alumnus untuk laki-laki dan alumna untuk perempuan (jika perempuan jamak, alumnae).

Contoh: The alumni gathered at their university for their 10th reunion.

15. Dice – bentuk jamak dari die.

Contoh: Yahtzee is played by rolling five dice to make different combinations.

16. Bacteria – bentuk jamak dari bacterium.

Contoh: Bacteria are often found on light switches and remote controls in hotel.

17. Algae – bentuk jamak dari alga.

Contoh: Some types of algae are edible.

18. Paparazzi – bentuk jamak dari paparazzo.

Contoh: The paparazzi compete with one another to get the best picture of a celebrity.

19. Parentheses – bentuk jamak dari parenthesis.

Contoh: The teacher did not like that she used so many parentheses in her writing.

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